The No.6 since 2002. Our foundation has been simple throughout the past twenty years. Finely crafted boards built for conditions around the world. Each board is crafted with high density Imperial Polypropylene core for extra rigidity and superior recoil. Each template is refined under shapr3d™ CAD programs for unparalleled accuracy in outline design . . and each element of embellishment crafted by a series of artists passionate to their craft and dedicated to the sport.

There was one session that particularly stood out . . I had noticed that my board became such an innate part of the experience and that was the foundation, the spirituality that the No.6 was established. At the time foam manufacturing had gone mainstream and our ideal was to dial it back giving to the eco-structure of the industry. It started with Template No.1 and refined itself all the way to Template No.6. The excitement of getting this one template out to world was more important than the name of the project itself . . so we stuck with Template No.6 . . and thereafter just The No.6. It has always been an embodiment of embracing the alternative and expressing wave-riding to it’s fullest. Regardless of fame and notoriety The No.6 is meant for those local heroes, the ones that are paying their dues. – MD

Heading into the 20’s . . we are excited to support two of our favorite expressionists: Jacob Romero and Micah McMullin for our professional team. Both members are masters of their innovative styles and will lead the charge with the new technology The No.6 brings to the sport. We are particularly excited about the new ideals we forge head-first with and welcome you to the fold.