Established in 2002. A long and arduous road it has been since the first set of samples were concepted. It was also an ever so humbling start for brand owners Mark Dale and Chris Wellington in Glendora, CA September of the year 2002 crafted hand shaped boards from a 1500 square foot production floor. Summers were hotter than hell and winters even more frigid. Founded with a penchant for creating a board line that supported the local communities and offered a new perspective on the sport…the No.6 was far from the corporate infrastructure that leads brands into boxes and shuts them out from open mind. After all…our creations were meant to inspire, to bring the dream world closer to reality, and always pay homage to the leaders in the lineup which craft the spirit of the sport…as eclectic as they are.
Flash forward to present day. We at the No.6 have never let our laurels low. Offering the most premium equipment with the strongest connection to warranty the industry can offer. This is the No.6 difference. The passion how we do, what we do and why we have been doing this for over 12 years.
Our boards since the first initial templates from Glendora, CA have evolved into the modern day reflections they are. Crafted in a state of the art factory built on American virtue in Nantou County, Taiwan. Well known for it’s engineering prowress … this small country town was met with a behemoth of a technical board crafting facility. Our facility is the only factory capable of creating our own material compositions, core profiles, cnc template calculation, stringer and stringers future technology. It’s not withstanding that many of our brothers in crafting composition are utilizing our materials and core technology. A far swing from two wave lovers that started with Six initial samples.
Our passion is to create the best crafts possible and that moment when it all melts away when riding down the face …and it’s just you and the ocean …and your board is the medium … that is where the Six dwells. Ride hard.